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January 2, 2011


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Ja, I've been typing these up since I first started watching my DVDs. =3= I have quite a collection of hilarious quotes, don't I? xDDDDDD

"So I captured Italy... but the only thing I hear from him is ze singing und ze laughing und vierd accents."
-Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub

"As long as I'm with you I get fed and nobody picks on me! I like being here~"
-Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub

"You're the most pathetic excuse for a country I've ever seen...! Are you sleeping at me right now?!"
-Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub

"If you're a soldier-- even if you're French-- you're supposed to try very hard to escape captivity!"
-Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub

"Your women terrify me~"
-Italy singing to Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub

"Is it norm to drink a barrel of beer and then bust on somebody's head~?"
-Italy singing to Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub

"Luxembourg kicked my ass and sent me back here~"
-Italy to Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub (beginning of WWII)

"This could vork... friends. Uh... ve don't have to kiss, do ve?"
"Nope~ Unless you want to~"
-Germany and Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub

"Germany, thanks for the water~ Now I can make pasta again~"
-Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers english dub

"I am very preased to meet you."
-Japan, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"I say we hit Italy first because they can't drive and are usually drunk!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Suck my balls, you damn potato eater."
-Romano (Southern Italy), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Che palle! Don't play dumb with me, that's my brother's job!"
-Romano (to Germany), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Where are you going, Romano?"
-Italy and Romano, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Ahhhhhh! I'm so sorry! I'll do anything just please don't hit me!"
-Chibitalia, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"By any chance, do you serve pasta?"
"No, we don't."
-Chibitalia and Mr. Austria, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Let's hit him violently and get what we can out of him."
-Britain, Hetalia: axis Powers

"This dude is lame!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Germany, Germany! I'm in North Africa right now and I can't tie my shoe laces!"
-Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"This is war! And you're wearing a caaaaape?!" (America & Britain)
"It's a cloak, no?" (France)
-Britain and America yelling at France, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"It seem simple enough. China take all. You can go home now."
-China, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"I'm a-going home now...!"
-Holy Rome, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"My only friend growing up was a yak."
-Russia, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"You are an ass!"
-Austria (to France), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Seriously, you're all nutburgers! What am I to do with you?"
-Britain, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Unhand me, you fobbish twit!"
-Britain, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"When I look into all of your stupid faces, I think how fun it will be to pound them into dust."
-Russia, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"He kinda looks like a girl from behind!"
-America (talking about Japan's diet method), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Maybe if I feed him some bad sushi he'll go away..."
-Japan, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Ahahaha! Listen to me and my awesome hero voice, guys! China! I choose you!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Hahaha, haha... Run away!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"So we were interrupted by a dude-chick singing, but we won't fail this time!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"More running away!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Santo Rita Meata Mater Ringo Jonah Tito Marlin Jack Latoya Janet Michael Dumbledora the Explorer! Santo Rita Meata Mater Ringo Jonah Tito Marlin Jack Latoya Janet Michael Dumbledora the Explorer! I've summoned you from the depths of Hell. Show yourself!" (Britain)
"You kolled?" (Russia)
"I wasn't calling you!" (Britain)
-Britain and Russia, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Am I Catholic or Protestant...? God, I don't know..."
-Britain (after having a little too much to drink), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"You don't know me! I'm the United bloody Kingdom and I can held my locker better then you any day!" (Britain)
"Dude, calm down!" (America)
"Shut up! I felt bad about how old frog-face was treating you so I saved your ass. I thought maybe we could be friends and bond over our mutual hatred for France. But uh-uh. You didn't want to be friends with me! You just wanted to tell me what to tell you what to do, and you didn't know what to do anyway! I think that's total bollocks!" (Britain)
-America and Britain (who's drunk and ranting), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Why won't the light just shut up...? I swear I'll never drink again... someone please kill me..."
-Britain (he was hung-over), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Dude can party!"
-America (referring to Britain), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Kawaii aru~"
-China, Hetalia: Axis Powers (Japanese version)

"My sister's a total nutjob!"
-Russia (referring to Ukraine), Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Check it out, yo! How kick-ass is my new fighter plane of doom? Dude, it blowin' your mind yet or whaaaat?"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"...and sure, your highways don't have speed limits... (some Italian ranting?), Kraut Breath!"
-Romano to Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"This weather man is predicting a 99% chance of shit storm and it's comin' right at ya!"
-Romano to Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"I have finally succeeded in entering Germany secretly. Now I can take him by surprise...!" (France)
"Ahhhhh-ahhhh! It's France! Protect me!" (Romano, while trying to hide under Germany's jacket)
"Oh no! It's Germany!" (France)
-Romano and France, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Hey, Germany! Check it cool! This is my big brother Romano! Isn't he shizzy?"
-Italy to Germany, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Since we've always been governed seperately, he had to spend more time with our big brother Spain so he's become kind of a dick!"
-Italy to Germany (about Romano), Hetalia: Axis Powers [btw, this is before the "suck my balls" quote up above]

"Oh, boy... it's hug time." (Italy)
"Would you stop it with your hug-therapy already?!" (Romano)
"I'll never understand Catholics..." (Germany)
Germany, Italy, and Romano; Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Hello to you! I am the box of tomatoes fairy! I come in peace! Let us be friends and play with each other!" (Italy)
"I think someone's inside here." (Germany)
"You're wrong~! There's no one inside. Do not open the box!" (Italy)
-Italy and Germany's first meeting, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Ahhh-ahh! I'm so sorry! You were right! I am not the box of tomatoes fairies at all! It was all lies, lies, LIES! Please don't shoot me! I'm too young to die, and what if I don't die and but am  just mortally wounded and forced to lie there in misery in a pool of my own blood?! Please, I'll do anything--well, I mean within reason-- I don't want to diiiiiiie!"
-Italy's "I don't want to die" rant part one, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"I mean seriously, I'm a virgin! What do you think they get virgin olive oil? The point is you do not want to shoot a virgin. We're pathetic enough as it is! Please! I apologize for the lying and box thing, I really am a good Italy! I swear, you're Germany, right? (trails off)"
-Italy's "I don't want to die" rant part 2, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Huh, wait. You're telling me you know Grandpa Rome? What a fantastical turn of events! Especially for this poor pizza- and pasta lover! You had me completely fooled! I thought you were really mean and scary. So we can be friends, okay?"
-Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Whoa, ice cream?! I'm totally coming there to hug you!"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Sup, British dude?"
-America, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"Jiiiiiiiii~ Jiiiiiiiii~ Jiiiiiiiii~"
-Russia, Hetalia: Axis Powers (Japanese version) [It means "Stare" in Japanese, because he's staring at Japan to put a curse on him. xD]

"Dude, you're outta control! How many people do you know?"
-America to Italy, Hetalia: Axis Powers

"I hide dark secret no one will guess because of my sweet face."
-Russia, Hetalia: Axis Powers

-China, Hetalia: World Series (Japanese)

Congrats. If you managed to make it all the way to the end, you get a hug! >w<
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Mightymog Apr 7, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Doitsu tasuke!!!" (Germany help) ~ Italy Italy (Epic Waving) [V1] 
"I'm so hot I could kiss myself" -Brittan 

doesn't get much better than that
nyanmeowth Mar 28, 2014  Student Artist
Im a virgin! You would t kill a virgin would you?!!??!!?!?!?!???!?!?!!?!?
MisakiMochizuki Feb 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, I can say Italy's parts so fast YayLiet 
Britain's and America's are the most fun one's to say though APH: onion austria 
pretzelpie Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
China take all. You can go home now.

That's my favorite one, I'm adding it to my China drawing.
BloodywingsBC Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for posting this! Romano says the best come-back line ever!
Aray-ray1023 Dec 16, 2013  Student Artist
My favorite one out of all of these is Italy's rant XD
The ice cream America line made me lose my shit when I first saw the episode. Thanks for making me laugh entirely too hard again lol. 
RikuMenome Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I said that to my friend(the shit-storm) and she is kinda an idiot, so she got an umbrella.
Really. she did.:facepalm: 
I plan to say the shit stirm thing to bully, just to smart mouth them one day~
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